Advising credit institutions and insurance companies on regulation. Customer's Ombudsman.

Argali, abogados has a team specialized in bank and insurance regulatory law, offering credit institutions and insurance companies counsel on transactions and their relationships with supervisors.

We also act as the Customer's Ombudsman and Ombudsman for Participants in a number of credit unions and rural savings banks.

Credit union customers can contact the Customer's Ombudsman customers of credit unions members of the Customer's Ombudsman Institution to discuss any activities they feel contravene transparency, customer protection regulations and best practices and banking usage, within the limits and meeting the requirements set by the regulation in effect.

Where can I send my complaint?

Address for complaints:
Defensor del Cliente en determinadas Sociedades Cooperativas de Crédito Argali Abogados.

Paseo de la Castellana 21,
28046, Madrid

Phone: 91 794 13 00

Which information does a complaint need to include?

Concerned party’s full name, address, person representing them (if appropriate), duly accredited; national identity document number for individuals and public registry information for legal entities.

Grounds for the complaint, clearly specifying the matters on which a verdict is requested.

Institutions against which the dispute is initiated, specifically listing the office or offices, department or service where the events included in the complaint happened.

That as far as the complainant knows the matter included in the complaint is not included in administrative or legal proceedings or in arbitration.

Place, date, and signature.


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Customer protection and transparency regulations

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