Argali, abogados: A leading firm in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) in the Spanish market.

At Argali, abogados we realize that there is strong demand for a legal firm that specializes in M&A. We are pioneers of a new model of practicing law, adapting to the significant transformations that have occurred within the economy and the technology industry over the last few years.

Our goal is to be a leading firm in corporate transactions and mergers and acquisitions for the middle market.

Spain as a country has, on average, many small businesses. Therefore, in order to compete, these businesses need to grow, whether it be organically or through mergers and acquisitions of other companies, in order to consolidate sectors.

Flexibility, coordinated work, specialization, experience

We have all the strengths of a bigger firm but all the benefits of having a simple and efficient structure.

We offer more flexibility in our services and work together with the necessary advisors required for each transaction, be they from our client or third parties. We have no structural constraints that inhibit us from working with specific teams.

The flexibility of our model allows us to advise on large-scale and complex transactions because we use our main know-how of managing such transactions to work alongside specialist lawyers from other offices of all sectors.

This freedom to choose assisting professionals as required is an important asset. It allows us to adapt and achieve optimal service, adjusting to each situation without the limitations that come from belonging to a large structure, like that of traditional firms. Our teams are as big as the transaction requires and they are directly managed by our partners throughout the entire process.

We coordinate groups and carry out projects efficiently.

Our bet to specialize in corporate transactions and M&A in the commercial and tax areas frees us from conflicts of interest that other areas might generate, and which can hinder traditional firms.

Argali, abogados is a team with extensive experience in these types of transactions and has managed to improve and adapt processes by including elements of different methodologies and technology.

Our accumulated experience makes us handle each transaction differently. Each business owner is unique in their situation and objectives and therefore we must consider these in depth in order to adapt to the situation, market and type of transaction at hand so as to specifically design the type of service we will provide.

Our experience includes all kinds of mergers and acquisitions (M&A and corporate) such as acquisitions, real estate transactions, project financing, private equity, or company restructuring in business groups (family-owned or otherwise) in practically all sectors of the economy.

We work alongside our clients abroad with the same goal of looking for firms in foreign countries which share our customer service philosophy. We supervise and coordinate how this service is rendered to ensure that the client's expectations are met. We are experts in coordinating teams

We study our service proposals with an approach of project management to adjust schedules and tasks according to the client's needs and to be able to be competitive whilst providing transparency and detail on the scope of our work. During the transaction we share information with the team, the clients, and other players, coordinating the work.

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